Custom Sales Promotion and Loyalty Management Solutions Development

Sales promotions are extremely popular among consumers around the world. According to the YouGov poll, more than 80% of millennials use coupons and discounts more or less often. As a result, they reward shops, spending 37% more than those who don’t use discounts.
For the merchants, it means that they should provide different discounts almost continuously. Otherwise, they will lose in the competitive battle.
Challenges and risks promotions cause
  • Is it so easy to keep the discounted prices and not to become unprofitable?
  • How is it possible to keep in mind all those discounts and their terms of service?
  • Every single mistake here can cause at least inefficiency and a decrease in sales, or, at the worst, fatal financial losses.

And there are plenty of other issues related to sales promotions

  • Lengthy promo actions often lead to changes in the customers' behaviors, making the return of price unacceptable for them. Moreover, customers begin to think that the regular price is unreasonably high as the merchant can easily survive so long with the discounted one.
  • There is nothing in common with the customers’ loyalty in the slick promo actions. The flow of new clients will stop as soon as your discount period expires. And they will not return until the next rebate arrives.
  • Needless to say that uncontrolled promo actions lead to over-consumption of specific goods, and to collapse in its sales once the discount stops.

Sales promotion management software solutions are the key to remain successful

Only a serious approach can help businesses to deal with discounts effectively. And the best way is the usage of special software solutions.

Main features of the sales promotion management solutions

  • Creation of different promotional deals. You or your staff members can create, edit, run, stop, and control all the promos in a single tool.
  • Automated deals scheduling. Plan several promo actions from now on at once with a few clicks.
  • Sales planning and budgeting. Analyze the market and its segments, measure the potential of sales of each commodity group, and then make accurate forecasts based on facts.
  • Demand and supply balancing. Plan your supplies based on demand, not on assumptions, and next time take into account all the detected exceptions.
  • Data analytics and reports. Use all the data gathered during the recent sales promotions to improve the efficiency of the next ones.
Loyalty management software solutions are what retains your customers

With the deep field, the only way to retain your customers is to understand who is potentially loyal, find their wishes and give them exactly what they want. That is what loyalty management systems help to do.
  • Identifying loyal customers among others. Automatically analyze the behaviors to find the most matching persons.
  • Dividing the potentially returning customers into groups. Collect and research customer data to make an approach even more personal.
  • Developing and implementing the customized reward system. Use the data you got to meet the wishes of customers in full.
  • Controlling and correcting all the processes to raise efficiency. Check whether your customers are satisfied or not, and increase their satisfaction if needed.
Main features of the loyalty management software solutions

Why custom?

There are plenty of ready-made sales promotion and loyalty management software solutions on the market. But there are several reasons why custom solutions will be much better in some cases.

  • Out-of-the-box solutions have only a specific set of features. If the functionality doesn’t fit your business in full, there is no chance that you’ll promptly get the required changes.
  • Almost all of them are quite expensive. Sometimes it is even more costly than developing a custom solution.
  • There is a question, how ready-made solutions will be integrated with your existing ecosystem.
  • Finally, buying the out-of-the-box software, much less SaaS, you’re becoming addicted to the vendor.

Our custom solutions are modular and agile. You are able to order only those features that your business needs. Moreover, you become the owner of the software we have just developed. Any changes can be implemented on demand. And all the required integrations are a part of the development process, meaning that everything will run smoothly from the very beginning.

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