Custom Product Development for Startups
During the last couple of decades, IT helped many people to implement their brilliant ideas into certain solutions, scale them worldwide and go from zero to hero in quite short terms. But it requires not only an idea but also a smart and skilled development team to achieve success.
One of the main goals of each startup is to become scaled, famous and successful before the money runs out. Geek-Solutions is a team of talents who are ready to implement your ideas into software solutions much cheaper than onsite. Try our PROJECT CALCULATOR to understand your spending during the development process.
At the same time, every startup founder understands that there are no second chances. The development process should be highly mitigable. The functional requirements should fully meet the needs of business and users, and the quality should be on the highest possible level.
We know how to work with new products. Our main client, P97, was the startup just in a couple of years. Also, we launched our own product SpotVision, which is an app that detects free parking place using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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