Custom Software and IoT Solutions for Connected Cars

Expand your market presence or provide brand new services using connected cars
The connected car market is growing rapidly. According to the Gartner forecast, there will be as much as 250mln such vehicles globally by 2020. And now connected cars are forming the main part of the Internet of Things industry. Another forecast says that all cars sold in developed markets will contain connected features by 2025.

But what it means for the different market players?

Opportunities and benefits of Connected Cars for different types of stakeholders

For automakers
  • Profits generated through the sales of new services, as well as through updates of the existing features.
  • Increased brand loyalty using personalization of the customer experience.
  • Unique features for the mass market models that are relatively cheap in implementation.
  • Tons of valuable data to process, analyze and take into account further.
  • Faster and cheaper R&D thanks to fewer wrong decisions.
For car dealers
  • Remote diagnostics using smart sensors help dealers notify customers about forthcoming service needs, increasing their loyalty.
  • This is a way to better asset management: dealer always knows where the car is, can control the activity of usage of any item, etc.
  • Analytics using the connected tools help to make sales forecasting more efficient.
  • A permanent connection is a strong upsell and cross-sell tool.
For service providers
  • Application service providers get an opportunity to expand their presence using in-car edutainment systems as a new platform. Most of such systems are based on Android OS, which makes the expansion easier.
  • Wireless telecommunication SPs also get the possibility to increase the number of connections thanks to their massive new class of customers is arriving.
  • Existing connected cloud providers are increasing their capacities following the demand, as well.
For merchants
eCommerce businesses can expand their presence in the same way as service providers.

For transportation companies and fleets

  • Fuel economy is really high with the connected techs.
  • Logistics is another one field that can be improved drastically using it.

For end-users

  • Anti-theft systems in the connected cars are way better than in the traditional.
  • Edutainment systems strongly improve user experience.
  • You will always know where the closest gas station and whether you’ll reach it or not.
  • The driving process is a way safer.
  • A rise in fuel efficiency cuts the expenses.
  • Automated self-diagnostic tools prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Car service appointments become transparent and convenient.

What we can offer

Our company has experience in different fields of connected tech. It allows us to provide our services for every category of stakeholders.

Service and content providers integration

The in-car infotainment systems are an excellent way to expand the presence of the business. But the expansion itself follows the difficulties in the integration process. A variety of in-car connected systems have big differences in how the data is collected and processed here.

We use both our experience and modern techs to make the data aligned and ready for consumption on the in-car infotainment systems. Using Xevo and other proven technologies help to make it smooth and bugless as it goes on smartphones.

It holds true for the merchants, as well. Your eCommerce solution can be easily expanded to generate more revenue.

API development

If your software service hasn’t the proper API to interact with the connected cars’ hardware. Our rich expertise in building complex backend solutions with API will help your business to catch the opportunities in full.

Infotainment apps development from scratch

The existing in-car infotainment systems are pretty close to mobile devices. And if you think your business is ready to be presented here, we’ll be glad to implement it. The most popular infotainment systems are based on specific Android OS and use frameworks like Android Auto. But first of all let’s analyze your ideas, needs, and requirements.

Embedded hardware and applications

Geek-Solutions LLC is not a hardware developer. But we have reliable local vendors like Promwad and EnCata. These companies have all the required expertise, as well as a long history of successful hardware development. It means that your project will be in safe hands.

Analysis and reports

Gathering and analyzing huge amounts of data is commonplace for us. Getting these data from the automotive sensors helps to make remote diagnostics, prevent accidents and unexpected breakdowns, as well as to keep the car in good condition.


The connected car topic is not so easy to understand. But it has a huge market potential for the different car-related businesses. No matter if you have a ready-made business plan or just an idea. Just fill in the form below and we will help you to understand whether it profitable or not, and then to implement it if yes.

Leave us your contact details and we will proceed with our discussion quite soon!

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