Custom Software Development for Banks and FinTech Companies
Payments and financial transactions are becoming faster, simpler, and more secure thanks to online and mobile devices. At the same time, financial operations on Web or mobile should be reliably protected from data leaks, meet the strict requirements of regulators, have minimal fees, while remaining user-friendly.

Some examples

  • We’ve integrated more than 20 payment systems, including the most popular in the US. It helped our clients to expand their customer focus, as well as to become more convenient for current customers.
  • An intermediate server was developed to optimize the size of requests sent to and from a mobile device. The server contains a list of common requests for each of which there is a simplified version, reducing the required amount of traffic on the mobile device by 75%.
  • Our team has developed a separate server integrated with various payment gateways. It provides complete logging and data integrity if a connectivity break happens, which prevents payment re-crediting or loss.

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