The Web helps companies not just go online but also become better in different meanings. Today it is possible to run an application almost of any complexity, just in your browser. That is the way businesses all around the world are transforming into digital.

Web Applications Development

Geek-Solutions LLC is a skillful developer of web-based apps and services. We use the most comprehensive technologies such as .NET and JavaScript to show our clients a new way of growing, providing their users with the best experience.
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Custom web development services we can offer

Web application development

Rich web application development using ASP.NET MVC 5 back-end framework.
Modern responsive front-end based on Angular 4, Sass, Webpack, and TypeScript.
Responsive front-end
Multi-featured web portals
Multi-featured web portals, intended whether for end-users or staff.
Different kinds of websites for your company.
What is more, we are quite easy about the legacy code. If you lost your contractor and currently looking for a new one, we are ready to take your system on support.

Of course, if the web-based system you are using is totally outdated and inefficient, it’ll be better to rework it using modern technologies and approaches.
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