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Make your business decisions informed thanks to Big Data
Big Data is an extremely trendy term for the last time. But most of the businessmen do not understand its possible impact on their companies. Where and how it can help? Let’s take a look.

What is Big Data?

The most appropriate definition of Big Data is a scope of methods to process large and complex data sets that cannot be analyzed using traditional methods.

You cannot paste 100,000,000 rows in Excel and then calculate something based on it. Or gather and analyze values from 100,000 sensors 30 times per second, using well-known approaches.
The picture illustrates posts of as low as 947 twitter users that contain 'dataviz' word and relations between these posts. According to Big Data's definition, it is not a significant amount of interactions. Credit:
And that is exactly why Big Data processing opens brand new opportunities for the businesses it use.

Where is Big Data suitable?

The prime condition of the Big Data approaches applicability is data itself. In other words, your business must have access to vast amounts of valuable data to analyze. Most often, it is information getting from different sensors, statistical or financial data, logs of activity, etc.

Banking and FinTech

A financial sector is a place where data rules the most of processes. Every bank or other financial structure analyzes the data for decision making, forecasting, business processes improving, etc. Here are the most common ways Big Data is using in the industry:

  • Credit analytics;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Trading activities forecasting;
  • Fraud detection;
  • Customer data transformation.
Media and Communications
Both online and offline media businesses most often base their monetization on advertising. It means that conversion rates and other ads efficiency metrics are vitally important for it. Big Data can be used to:

  • Find out actual user insights;
  • Leverage the different types of content;
  • Improve its delivery.
Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is close to the previous industry in many terms. That’s why Big Data dominates here, too. It uses to:

  • Understand the performance of ads;
  • Improve its delivery to get better conversion rate.

The insurance industry is dependent on data during all its history. Thanks to Big Data, the golden era has begun here.

  • Statistical analysis helps to make forecasts more accurate.
  • It helps to take into account many more minor factors.
  • Fraud detection is also an important field of application.
Retail, Wholesale, and eCommerce

These business domains are the most developed and digitized comparing with others. And Big Data is a set of tools that can help to make them even better.

  • Customer behavior analysis is key to increase sales, increase their satisfaction rate and cut down some related expenses.
  • Sales analysis helps to raise the efficiency of supplies.
  • Thanks to data analysis, a business can also significantly increase the efficiency of staff.


For the transportation and logistics sector, Big Data is a source of significant improvements, too.

  • Traffic analysis helps to optimize the routes, as well as to make predictions to raise efficiency per vehicle.
  • It holds true for weather conditions analysis, which helps to reduce road accidents.
What we offer
We are familiar with the processing of huge amounts of data. And ready to help your business solve some specific challenges using Big Data once the required data is available:

  • Data-driven decision making.
  • Fraud prediction.
  • Understanding customers’ behavior, needs, and desires.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • More customer-centric offering.
  • Improving some business processes.
  • Finding and reducing performance vulnerabilities, etc.


We understand that your needs that probably can be covered using Big Data are highly likely unclear and challenging. That’s why it will be better to fill in the form below and describe them in a few words. Then we’ll schedule a session, discuss your needs in detail, and assess the feasibility of solving your issues or catching your opportunities using different IT approaches.

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