Efficient solutions.

Interview with iOS Team Lead - Serge L.

2022/07/18 by Sergey L.
7 min read

The following are representative cases where we were able to provide the most efficient solutions

We needed to consider nuances in our decisions. In this case, the designer had questions about movement between screens: close part or close everything.

However, the designer was not an expert on UI operation within Android and IOS.
Coordinate the mobile application logic with the designer
Details of the problem:
We explained to designer that one type of screen opens from the side and the other type opens from the bottom.

With one type, features of the application itself are displayed, while the other type shows the system it is based on.

So, technical nuances and designer approach were taken into account and leaded to user-friendly mobile application.
To get all the data on the main screen, 30 requests had to be made. Based on recent experience, the local Internet was weak, and 30 requests was a heavy load.
We had to consider a main screen in the application. It should work faster
Details of the problem:
We suggested making one request per server. As a result, many of the problems were solved even though it did take a little longer to think through the layer of specific needs. But, we brainstormed, rearranged the objects, then our team implemented the new arrangement—and the application began working much faster.

As a result, main screen started work faster and we solved it's main reason.