Android App Development Services
2020/09/02 by Maria Kot 9 min read

Android App Development Services. Geek-Solutions Offerings

One of our powerful specializations in software development is apps creation for Android platform. We are experienced in building complex and multifacted integrated systems to achieve the goals of our customers' businesses around the world. Our developers follow the latest trends, alongside working with Kotlin programming language.

Android development services by Geek-Solutions

Mobile App

As a result of the development of progressive methods of software development, our engineers create quality mobile apps for many different purposes.

Tablet App

Our useful apps for a tablet deliver an effective and enjoyable experience of interacting.

TV App

By engaging with our video streaming solutions customers can considerably diversify and expand on their revenue streams.
Our professional development team successfully creates complex and multifunctional mobile apps in various business fields, such as:
  • Applicationsfor Oil & Gas industry

  • Applications for Banks and Finance

  • Applications for Healthcare

  • Applications for Telecommunication

  • Applications for Education

  • Application for E-commerce

How do we work?

We use the agile development methodology, particularly the Scrum approach. We develop software in short iterations so that you can control all the process.

 Analysis & technical documentation
All requirements are meticulously studied and analyzed. If a client does not have ready documentation, we are able to write up a detailed technical plan in which we coordinate all the edge cases of a future project.

 Screen prototypes

We work out carefully all the interface elements to ensure ease for the customer in order for it to be understandable to a user.


After preparing prototypes for all screens, web designers work on UX and UI. Once all the design changes have been coordinated, this is when the development stage will commence.

 App Development

We develop back-end, API and mobile app following the agile development process.

Testing & QA

We have our own staff of QA engineers who carefully check and test each project.

Deployment & Support

Launch on the Google Store with and further support will be provided if any revisions are needed.
Artifacts that you will get
  • Design source file
  • Intellectual property

  • Technical documentation
  • Accesst to project source repository

  • Builds for publishing on the App Store

Want to know more how you can benefit from our web development services? Please use our Project Development Calculator to see the software product cost.

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